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In order to offer you the best online shopping experience, Centre de Jardin Brossard and Centre de Jardin Floréal have created the most complete online gardening store available! Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced gardener, you will find every single horticultural products and plants you could ever want. Perennials, shrubs and annuals for your flower beds; potting soil, fertilizer and compost for your garden and lawn; the tools, accessories and products you need to grow and maintain them; and much more!

A true virtual garden centre, allows you to order online all the material you may need to carry out any horticultural project, and receive it directly at your doorstep! Know that you can also visit the Centre de Jardin Brossard in Brossard, or the Centre de Jardin Floréal in Laval to see the quality of products we offer.

Fancy a change of scenery? Create a new flowerbed!

Summer is just around the corner, the magnolias, tulips and lilacs are in bloom… or almost. It’s beautiful! Are you looking for something new this season? Why not create a new flower bed? You’ll bring colour and life to your home and let’s face it: you can never have too many flowers. Plus, it’s pretty easy to do. Here’s how to do it.

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